ESEF Maakindustrie

The manufacturability of tomorrow

How do we keep the manufacturing industry efficient? How do we deal with digitalization and robotization? What role does sustainability play? How do we respond to the changing labor market? The manufacturability of tomorrow is more central than ever at ESEF Maakindustrie 2024.


In the modern manufacturing industry, the labor market faces challenges due to automation, while digitization is transforming the industry with IoT and AI. Sustainability becomes crucial with a focus on green manufacturing and recycling, while innovation is key to competitive advantage. Supply chain collaboration between suppliers, manufacturers and distributors is becoming increasingly important for efficiency and responsiveness in the supply chain. These themes will take center stage during ESEF Manufacturing 2024, both on the exhibition floor and in the many knowledge sessions.


The manufacturing industry is undergoing a significant transformation due to automation and robotization. Among other things, this is leading to changes in the skills required. Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics and smart factories are also becoming more common. This has created new positions in data analytics, cybersecurity and software development. But also in specialized technical skills such as 3D printing, additive manufacturing and materials science.

This changing market then creates an increasing need for training and initiatives to attract and train young people for careers in the manufacturing industry. During ESEF Maakindustrie 2024, attention will also be paid to these developments.


productivity of your business

Digitization, robotization and automation have had a significant impact on the manufacturing industry and remain a key development in this sector. One of the core aspects of digitization in the manufacturing industry is the use of IoT technology. Machines, equipment and even products are being equipped with sensors and connectivity. The data it collects can be used for real-time monitoring, preventive maintenance and optimization of production processes. In addition, big data, 3D printing, supply chain digitization and cybersecurity are inseparable from the industry.

Where lots of new opportunities arise, it also brings risks. During ESEF Maakindustrie 2024 you can be informed and inspired in the field of smart industry both on the exhibition floor and during the knowledge sessions.


As in any sector, sustainability is an important topic in the manufacturing industry, as one of the largest consumers of energy. This has led to several developments and initiatives. For example, manufacturers have increasingly sought environmentally friendly materials and production processes. Companies are investing in energy-efficient technologies and processes to lower their energy costs as well as reduce emissions. This includes the use of renewable energy sources, energy management systems and more efficient machinery.

During ESEF Maakindustrie 2024, several innovators and speakers will highlight the benefits on the business side in addition to the necessary environmental measures, such as cost savings, attracting sustainability-conscious customers and reducing reputation risks.


Innovation is essential for the manufacturing industry to remain competitive and meet ever-changing market demands. The adoption of digital technologies is one of the key drivers of innovation in the manufacturing industry. This includes the use of advanced data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI). The development of new materials and nanotechnology has opened the door to innovative product designs. These offer improved properties such as strength, durability and weight reduction, opening up new opportunities for product innovation. AR and VR are also increasingly being used for training, product design and maintenance in the manufacturing industry.

Innovation in the manufacturing industry is a continuous process and requires flexibility and willingness to invest in new technologies and ideas, so this topic is also the focus of ESEF Maakindustrie 2024.


Chain cooperation (supply chain collaboration) plays a crucial role in the manufacturing industry. It refers to the close cooperation and coordination between various partners in the supply chain to ensure efficient and effective operations. Strong relationships with suppliers are essential for a smooth supply chain. This includes not only selecting reliable suppliers, but also building long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual understanding.

During ESEF Maakindustrie 2024, there will be plenty of attention to this topic. Just-in-Time, Lean Manufacturing, joint innovation, transportation and logistics, quality control and risk management will also be discussed. In the modern manufacturing industry, chain collaboration has become a strategic asset to achieve business success, maintain competitive position, increase flexibility and reduce reaction time to changes in market demand.