Innovation Square

At the Innovation Square you will find all kinds of smart innovations from ESEF Maakindustrie exhibitors.

This is where the latest technological breakthroughs and groundbreaking ideas come together to shape the future of the manufacturing industry. This is where innovation and progress take center stage, offering a glimpse into the latest developments transforming the industry.

Below you will find a list of exhibitors showcasing their innovation at this plaza!

Innovative facade system

Company: Comhan Holland B.V.
Stand number: 03.D105

The new, innovative aluminum facade system has been specially developed to create unique and durable facades. Varia-Click allows every facade to be different because the profiles can vary in size and the arrangement of the profiles can be determined.

Click … and ready!
The system consists of two aluminum profiles: a lower and upper profile. The lower profile is mounted on the facade and the upper profile is then simply clicked on top. As a result, finishing a facade with this method takes a lot less time compared to traditional methods. It is also possible to completely hide cords and cables in the profiles.

Infinite looks possible
This latest facade system is made of aluminum but can be delivered in an infinite number of looks. Think color anodizing or powder coating, but also sublimation to a wood, stone or metal look! The system is also light, low maintenance, adaptable to your wishes, offers great design freedom, can be installed in a short time and looks beautiful.

Durable product
Finally, this is a sustainable product: aluminum is very recyclable without loss of quality. So at the end of its lifecycle, by far most of the aluminum is reused again!

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Lightweight motorcycle saddle

Company: Feronyl | Sub-Alliance
Booth Number: 04.B126

Feronyl decided to go one step further in lightweight solutions with an advanced composites sandwich approach. This consists of continuous fiber woven composites.

Innovative motorcycle saddle
In collaboration with Engel and KTM, we succeeded in creating an innovative motorcycle saddle. It has lost 33% of its original weight and reduced 46% of its design envelope, without compromising rigidity.

Our main objective is to continuously reduce emissions and optimize the efficiency of product use.

Sustainable approach
Improving product performance through weight reduction is a truly sustainable approach to mobility design for the future.

Smart approach
Feronyl’s approach brings high rigidity, low weight and aggressive pricing to the market.

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Food Grade 3D print materials

Company: Oceanz B.V.
Stand number: 03.D010

Our innovation is the use of 3D printed materials that are allowed to come into direct contact with food in accordance with the applicable legal requirements.

Safety requirements
Oceanz Food Grade products comply with the safety requirements for Food Contact Materials (as described in EC1935/2004), including the following topics:

Materials used comply with safety requirements (EU10/2011)
Process quality is assured (ISO 9001, EC 2023/2006 – GMP)
Traceability of resources and products used
Required documentation to ensure the above (Declaration of Conformity

No standard solution
At the Innovation Square we show a number of 3D printed parts (machine parts and/or grippers for food processing machines) together with an explanation by means of a short description. We can print almost any design of a customer with these materials. Our innovation is particularly interesting for machine builders who produce production lines for the food processing industry and for other parties who supply this industry.

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Energy-saving vacuum pump

Company: BIBUS B.V.
Stand number: 04.C061

At the Innovation Square we show an energy-saving integrated mini vacuum pump with ASR (Air Saving Regulator).

Plug and play
This small vacuum pump is plug and play. Due to its compactness, the vacuum pump can be placed close to the suction cups, allowing for faster response time.

Energy saving
In the theme of sustainability, COVAL’s LEM series features an integrated pressure regulator, allowing the vacuum pump to operate optimally at 3.5 bar. This is in contrast to the competition where this is on average 5-7 bar. This results in energy savings of 40% on average.

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High Tech Mold Insert

Company: Voestalpine
Booth number: 03.D040

Advanced Additive Manufactured Mold Insert:

Eliminates surface defects of plastic product with variothermal process
18% faster cycle time with conformal heating/cooling designed by #voestalpine Additive Manufacturing
Innovative design features
✔curved sensor integration by #voestalpine Additive Manufacturing

✔texture, hologram and digimarc by #eschmann textures international

✔PVD coating by #voestalpine eifeler Coatings

A collaboration with FBB Formenbau Buchen GmbH and OKW Odenwälder Kunststoffwerke Gehäusesysteme GmbH

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Patented pump system

Company: AMS Group B.V.
Stand number: 04.A029

According to new regulations, “single use” disposables such as sachets and plastic containers for sauces, among others, will soon be banned in NL / EU and subsequently also in the US.

Sauce dispenser
Kraft Heinz has developed a new sauce dispenser with a patented pumping system that will replace plastic sachets and will not continue to leak like the old sauce dispenser that can still be found worldwide.

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Innovative casters

Company: DM Wheel Systems
Stand number: 04.A101

We show 3 different innovative casters specially made for applications in the automated guided vehicles industry.

Unique function
These wheels each have a unique function which can reduce the swivel range of an AGV. This is important when reversing the device.

The first wheel has a shock-absorbing function to cushion uneven ground.
The 2nd wheel has a double swivel head to reduce the aglemenal turning stroke by more than 50%.
The 3rd wheel has a double wheel with a tilting axle to drive over dirt and other potholes, also both wheels can turn separately from each other in the opposite direction allowing the wheel to turn almost without swivel stroke.

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Wedge-locking washers

Company: NORD-LOCK Group
Booth number: 03.A097

When Nord-Lock, part of the Nord-Lock Group, introduced the innovative wedge-locking technology in 1982, the company swiftly rose to its current market-leading position as the global leader for bolting solutions. Now, the company is once again breaking new ground by announcing the addition of CE marking to its wedge-locking washers. Today, no other global supplier offers CE-marked securing washers, and that Nord-Lock now accomplishes the feat puts the company in a unique position.

The milestone of attaining the CE mark reinforces Nord-Lock’s raison d’etre – protecting customer investments and keeping people safe. By implication, it also reassures the already established perception of Nord-Lock being the given partner when safety and reliability really matter.

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Firefighting drone

Company: Boessenkool
Booth number: 03.B108

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We thank the exhibitors who help make the Innovation Square possible: