Is your manufacturing company ready for the future?

What happens in the world affects the economy as well as your manufacturing business. Disruptions in the supply chain, customers and suppliers getting into trouble, and recent price and interest rate increases pose challenges for many companies. At the same time, there are opportunities thanks to new technology, the use of data and recent insights about collaboration and organization.


In the BLMC Chain Theater, experts will address key topics that are going to help you make your manufacturing business more productive, profitable and successful. Here’s a sampling of the topics you can expect:

Production Strategy

How do you best align your manufacturing strategy with the market and available resources? Many companies are moving from engineer-to-order (ETO) to configure-to-order (CTO). What is the advantage of doing so? And how do you set up such processes? All with the goal of working more productively and profitably.


Production planning is the link between production strategy and day-to-day execution. How do you best set it up, taking into account demand, supply and available people and production capacity?

Chain collaboration

By collaborating better with suppliers and customers, processes run better, inventories can decrease and productivity can increase. In practice, much of this collaboration comes down to sharing the right data. How do you set that up securely? And how do you improve results for all involved?


Achieving productivity improvement requires leadership. Someone has to take the reins and bring people along with changes and modernization. The Chain Theater will feature techniques and case studies that show how to take that directing role.


Several knowledge partners present their latest insights on productivity improvement. Leading manufacturing companies share their experiences, pitfalls and success factors.

Sustainability Act

Are you or do you supply to a large international company? Then you will have to deal with stricter sustainability legislation in the coming years. What are the rules, what do you need to prepare for and how can you go about it? Our sustainability expert will bring you up to speed so you know what to do.

Data-driven decisions

With the many changes in the world, the need may arise to redesign your production network. Re-shoring, near-shoring or just more outsourcing? You want to calculate such decisions well. Our experts will show you different techniques and present real-life examples.

About BLMC

The Chain Theater is brought to you by BLMC. BLMC is a consulting and realization firm that helps companies achieve their ambitions by designing and aligning supply chain and operations with business strategy. They do this through consultancy, project management and interim management. Check for more information.


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